FITS/DVS Migration Suite for SAP

FITS/DVS Migration Suite for SAP

In the SAP document management system, documents can be stored either in the SAP database or in an external archiving system. Often no external archiving system is available at the beginning of a project or the storage of documents is deliberately not set to an external archiving system.

Storing documents in the SAP database...

  • does not replace audit-proof storage in an external archiving system and
  • increases the size of the SAP database.

With the FITS/DVS Migration Suite for SAP, DMS documents can be migrated from the SAP database to an archiving system connected via ArchiveLink. This reduces SAP database usage and enables audit-proof storage of the migrated documents.

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Our services

  • Analysis of the SAP system
  • Migration of the DVS documents to ArchiveLink
  • Adaptation of the migration programme to customer-specific requirements

  • Ensuring audit-proof archiving via ArchiveLink
  • Reduction of the SAP database size
  • Increasing the maintainability of the SAP system
  • Migration of DMS documents at definable ArchiveLink document types
  • Secure deletion of documents from source medium after successful migration
  • Detailed migration protocol


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