SAP Business Technology Platform - Developer Bootcamp

SAP Business Technology Platform Developer Bootcamp 

(ehemals: SAP Cloud Platform) Developer Bootcamp

Developer Bootcamp with the Business Technology Platform - in one day to the Fiori Application.

Our practice-oriented workshop "SAP Business Technology Platform  - Developer Bootcamp" offers you a first insight into the principles of programming mobile Fiori applications and microservices with the Business Application Studio - the development platform of the Business Technology Platform (BTP).

In the one-day bootcamp, you will learn how to develop your first Fiori application with the available tools of the BTP development environment. You will also learn how mobile applications can subsequently be distributed and deployed in different runtime environments.

The workshop makes it easier for you to use the tools of the Business Technology Platform development environments in your everyday programming and thus to programme efficiently and in a future-proof manner.


  • Introduction to the Business Technology Platform (BTP)
    • What is the Business Technology Platform?
    • What functions and tools does it offer?
    • How does the BTP differ from other cloud platforms?
  • Introduction to microservices and application models
  • Introduction to the Business Application Studio (BAS)
    • What is the Business Application Studio?
    • How does BAS differentiate itself from other development environments?
  • Setting up the Business Application Studio
    • How do I create a new project in a new workspace?
    • Explanation of the user interface and functions
  • Practical exercise: Creating a new Business Application
    • How do I add a new view?
    • How do I define the service layer?
    • How do I create a new database table?
  • Version management using GIT
  • Presentation of further functionalities in the SAP Business Application Studio
    • Testing
    • Debugging
  • Practical exercise - Build and Deployment
    • How do I build my application?
    • How do I deploy my application to an available runtime in the Business Technology Platform?
  • Conclusion and outlook
  • Questions and answers

The seminar contents can be individualised or focal points can be set by arrangement.

We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer tailored to your needs. Bitte kontaktieren Sie dazu unser Büro: or under 0931 730 403-31 or use our contact form.

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