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Data and document archiving with SAP, ArchiveLink and DVS

SAP provides various options for storing documents and data in an electronic audit-proof archiving system. For example, documents such as emails or PDF documents can be stored and accessed directly in the SAP application document. This enables the efficient processing of transactions without a great deal of searching, as well as ensuring that archiving requirements and retention periods are met.

SAP ArchiveLink is a standardised interface for external components and storage systems, provides the SAP Document Viewer (SDV) and works together with SAP business workflows if required. Via SAP ArchiveLink, documents and data can be stored, retrieved and displayed in an electronic archive.

In addition to documents, data from the SAP database can also be stored in the external electronic archive via the SAP ArchiveLink interface.

The following scenarios are supported:
- Storing incoming documents and linking them to business objects
- Storing outgoing documents and linking them to business objects
- Storing print lists
- Linking archive files with archiving runs


Using the SAP ArchiveLink interface, SAP DMS enables the storage of documents in the archive and in the SAP business application document, such as SAP material master record, SAP BANF item, SAP equipment and functional location, SAP material bill of material, and many more.

The document management system (DMS) enables the specification of meta information in the document info record (DIS), workflow-supported automated processing, versioning and status mapping.

A powerful document management system enables workflow-supported automated processing throughout the entire life cycle of a document. From creation to filing, from access to archiving. By integrating SAP DMS into your SAP system, you can access the documents you need from any workstation without losing time.

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Concept ArchiveLink and DMS

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