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XRechnung becomes mandatory in Germany

The basis for the Europe-wide harmonisation of electronic invoices is the EU Directive RL 2014/55/EU (EU Directive on Electronic Invoicing for Public Contracts) of 26.5.2015. The EU Directive obliges all Member States to publish the necessary decrees for e-invoice processing. The Directive provides for a transitional period of 30 months in which the Member States must have implemented the enactments for the receipt of e-invoices.

E-bill Act
With the E-Invoice Act (1.12.2016), the Federal Government implemented the EU requirement "2014/55/EU" on electronic invoicing in public procurement and defined it in more detail with the E-Invoice Regulation.

E-Invoice Regulation
On 6.9.2017, the Federal Cabinet adopted the E-Invoicing Regulation (E-Rech-VO). The E-Rech-VO stipulates that in future invoices to authorities and institutions of the federal administration are to be issued electronically as far as possible. For the Federal Republic of Germany, the E-Rech-VO defines various implementation dates for the introduction of the



By 27.11.2018, the federal government must create the technical prerequisites for the acceptance of e-bills. This only concerns federal ministries and supreme federal authorities.

Sub-central contracting authorities will only be obliged to do so by 27.11.2019.


Invoice recipient

Invoicing party


XRechnung ready for acceptance

§ Section 159 (1) numbers 1 to 5 of the Act against Restraints of Competition (Gesetz gegen Wettbewerbsbeschränkungen)

  • Supreme Federal Authority
  • Constitutional body of the Confederation

XRechnung possible



XRechnung ready for acceptance

Sub-central contracting authorities, sector contracting authorities and concession grantors

  • Public clients
  • No "Supreme Federal Authority" or "Federal Constitutional Body"

XRechnung possible




XRechnung binding

§ Section 14(1) of the Civil Code

  • All companies


The Standard - XRechnung

The basis of this regulation is the so-called XRechnung standard, a pure XML data set format. XRechnung complies with the specifications of CEN (CEN = European Committee for Standardisation - French: Comité Européen de Normalisation). CEN has specified the semantic data model and a list of permitted syntaxes for Europe. The German XRechnung specification v.1.1 was adopted by the IT Planning Council.

The published guideline only applies to B2G business (Business-to-Government). Thus, invoicing the XRechnung is only mandatory for invoicing public clients


The receiving channel for XRechnung in public administration will be a portal. Invoice senders must register at the portal in order to transmit the XRechnung to the contracting authority via different routes. The addressing of the invoice recipient via the portal is based on a unique criterion - the routing ID - which is part of the structured format of the XRechnung .

Are you ready to receive XRechnungen?

Fink IT-Solutions supports you in the conceptual design, implementation and integration of XRechnungen.

Extension of SAP Invoice Management for XRechnungen

With SAP Invoice Management electronic invoices can be processed like XRechnungen. Fink IT-Solutions offers besides a SAP Invoice Management - "Extension for Public Administrations" also the expertise to make your public authorities ready forXRechnungen.

Sending XRechnungen

XRechnungen can reach the contracting authority in different ways:

- Portal - manual input

- E-mail - XRechnung

- Web service - XRechnung (PEPPOL)

The Federal Government and various Länder use central portals for communication with suppliers.

- ZRE - Portal

- OZG-RE portal


With the SAP Document Compliance solution, XRechnungen can be generated from SAP SD, FI, I-SU and transferred to the PEPPOL network via the Access Point.


Our services

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