Consulting and sale of Neptune DXP licence

The licensing model of the Neptune DX Platform


There are various licence models for the use of the Neptune DXP, which Fink IT-Solutions will be happy to explain and offer in an initial, free consultation. To get a first overview, the different licence categories of the Neptune DXP are listed below:


Neptune Full DXP Neptune DXP Open Edition Neptune DXP SAP Edition
Runtime Server - Licence for Open Edition
Runtime Server - Licence for SAP Edition
End User Licence for Open und SAP Edition

In addition to the end-user and runtime-based licensing options, the following options also exist:

Licences for external use Enterprise licence
Unlimited number of runtime servers
Unlimited number of runtime users

The Neptune Runtime Server Platform licence forms the basis. One runtime licence is required for each productive system (SAP or non-SAP). In addition, there are the end-user licences, which enable the unlimited development of apps for each end user. The licence for external use is suitable for B2C/B2B scenarios. The Neptune Enterprise licence enables B2E/B2C/B2B scenarios. If you decide on the one-time licensing of the Neptune DXP, in addition to the purchase costs, there are annual maintenance costs amounting to 20% of the purchase price.

Maintenance with German-speaking support is provided by the experts at Fink IT-Solutions. Fink IT-Solutions has been a Neptune partner in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for many years and develops complex solution packages itself via the Neptune DXP SAP Edition fully integrated in SAP and the Neptune DXP Open Edition for all non-SAP systems.

Our services

  • Licence consulting and sales
  • Takeover of maintenance with German-speaking support
  • Competent partner with know-how in solution and product development
  • Implementations of SAP Fiori Apps with the Neptune DXX


  • Always correctly and efficiently licensed
  • Professional maintenance partner
  • German-speaking support with extensive know-how
  • German support with extensive know-how
  • Maintenance by solution and product developers
  • Long-term Neptune partner in Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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